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You could spend your lifetime exploring the Human Design System and still have more to discover. 

Our founder, Kim Gould, has been living and teaching Human Design since 2003 and here in the Love Your Design Community she shares with you her vast knowledge and experience. 

From Human Design newbie to professional, there is always something new and exciting to explore here.

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Wherever you are in the world, whatever your experience with Human Design, this community is here to provide you with a safe space where you'll find companionship, collaborative learning and social connection with people just like you.

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    A series of practical and experiential courses to take you from Human Design newbie to mastering your own Design.

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    All the exciting multi-layered aspects of Human Design developed over the past 20 years by Kim Gould.

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  • Full Taraka software subscription!

    $124 per year value

    Taraka software gives you access to all the asteroids and other minor planets, plus the Multidimensional Human Design layers and the Holographic Human Design System.

Hi, I'm Kim Gould

The Love Your Design Community is a space where I can share my decades of Human Design experience with you!

I've been passionately exploring the Human Design System since 2003, doing readings, coaching, teaching, blogging, writing books, questioning and researching. Along the way I've developed new techniques like Holographic Human Design. the Asteroids and the Multidimensional Matrix layers.